The platform will add specific focus sectors, to assist government and private sector, in achieving a successful and profitable transformation, within all sectors.

All the Provincial Departments in collaboration with their Public Entities and Stakeholders participate in the Mpumalanga Show. The show is open to all people of Mpumalanga and beyond.

The Mpumalanga Show will showcase the best of Mpumalanga with special emphasis on Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife, Tourism and Mining. It will feature, Government stand integration, Polo Matches, Cultural aspect integration, exhibition stalls, agriculture and forestry machinery, various breeds of animals and livestock, fine arts competition, baking competition, musical bands competition, musical entertainment.

To enlighten, inspire, celebrate and unite through the love of agriculture, wildlife, forestry, tourism and related sectors, for the benefit of the people from all races and cultures and the province as a whole.

The Mpumalanga Show commits to work with its stakeholders to:

> Showcase best practises in agriculture, wildlife, forestry, and tourism and promote the development and sustainability of these.

>Acknowledge and encourage initiatives and possibilities.

>Celebrate our heritage together.

>Create opportunities to benefit individuals, stakeholders and the province as a whole.


The Mpumalanga Show platform, is a unique and diverse MECHANISM, that will drive change and assist in economic growth, sustainability and transformation, which attracts investment, and assists in sustainable job creation;

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Hanlie Lombaard

(Media, Marketing and Sponsors)

Tel: 082 857 2546



Facebook: Mpumalanga Show

Lyzelle van Wyk

(Exhibitions and Entertainment)

Tel: 079 657 1995



Facebook: Mpumalanga Show

Themba Sgudla- Director